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Download My Free Guide “5 Things HR Isn’t Telling You” and Start Navigating Your Corporate Professional Career

Download My Free Guide and Start Navigating Your Corporate Professional Career

You’re a young woman on a mission to become a member of your company’s Senior Leadership team.

Ever since you were a little girl, you dreamed of being a power house in the Corporate world.

There’s just one problem… You’re not getting noticed or considered for the strategic projects, and have been passed over time and time again. Perhaps you have a great idea to share with your leaders but hesitate to speak up… Or perhaps you have a tougher scenario, and find yourself in a toxic company or department culture (yikes!).


Despite some incredible successes at breaking the glass ceiling, as a female professional, you find that the road to success is less paved compared to your male counterparts.

You may feel invisible or perhaps unappreciated… like no one is paying attention to the work you are putting in. Men seem to be promoted and/or compensated more for their potential, but you’ve got a higher hurdle to clear.

Because of this, your mindset starts to shift and your confidence begins to fade. It seems that you’re going from power house to POWERLESS…

Many female professionals have felt this way at some stage in her career. You might have an amazing guy for a manager, who has been generous and supportive, but it’s just not the same as another woman who has walked this path before you.


What you’re likely NOT getting in your Corporate role is a female perspective with an outside view that is not slanted by your management.

I can help you understand YOUR true strengths, and learn how to leverage them successfully in your career.. whether it’s in that company or another company that is better suited for your career growth.

I share with you the key lessons learned over my 20+ year history of working in the Corporate environment, and frameworks for strategically navigating your organization, while staying true to your core beliefs, values and principles.

I’ve mentored career women formally and informally for 15+ years and those few hours can make priceless changes in career, personal and spiritual direction. This mentoring can be performed in person or virtually. To learn more about my 1-on-1 mentoring, book a free consult.

About Me

I’m on a mission to help young women masterfully navigate their careers and become priceless leaders in their organizations.

With 20+ years of experience in Corporate America, I’m passionate about helping unlock the potential of young women like you. I’m here to help you avoid the pitfalls and landmines that could destroy your sense of fulfillment at work, by sharing with you my personal journey and unique experiences, and proven frameworks to succeed in your career.