Ever hear the phrase “Climbing the Corporate Ladder”? Someone works several years in a certain position, then gets promoted based on years of service. Historically, that progression worked well for some folks. However, I believe your ability to climb the LATTICE will significantly impact the trajectory of your career, and long-term earning potential.

What do I mean by climbing the lattice? Here is an example:

“Kellie” graduates from college with her degree in Accounting/Finance and spends her first years as an Auditor with a mid-sized consulting firm. Fast forward a few years, and she has changed tracks, supporting strategic projects as a Senior¬†Project Manager. She gains exposure to the “C-Suite” (CEO, CFO, etc.) and Board of Directors. Fast forward again and she now serves as a Product Management Executive, focused on creating a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that customers want and need to run their business. She’s RAPIDLY gaining influence and responsibility at her company, and now the C-Suite asks HER what she and her team need to meet their objectives and delivery timelines. Those seem like fairly dramatic leaps, right? They’re actually not because this is a real-life scenario. SO, what is required to climb the lattice SUCCESSFULLY and not crash and burn in the process?

Photo by Kaboompics .com from Pexels


3 key considerations (there’s more but let’s start here!):
  1. SELF AWARENESS: What are your career ambitions and goals? Unique strengths and weaknesses? What do you like/dislike about your current role?
  2. ADAPTABILITY: Can you adapt your existing skills and experiences into future roles?
  3. COURAGE: Taking on new or different roles requires you to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Willing to stretch yourself to see what’s possible, or are you comfortable in something you already know?

I personally achieved career success by embracing the idea of CLIMBING THE LATTICE. As a result, it absolutely propelled my career (and my earning potential). Kellie’s story IS my story, and I want to help other young female professionals become a Woman of Badassery. Without all the bumps, bruises and battle scars!! To learn how you can become a Master Lattice Climber, by booking a free personal consultation here: https://calendly.com/laishadaley