Wonder Woman & Batman. Black Widow & Captain America. Thor & Valkyrie.

Comic book writers and their fans love a good origin story, and so do I.

The origin story behind “Woman of Badassery” is an interesting one… albeit not nearly as epic as that of the comic book heroes, but hopefully it provides some context.

While climbing the Corporate lattice at my company, my work space moved around the building a number of times. For a period of about one year, I worked in an area that contained some of the most influential and high performing women of our organization, from Solutions, Product, Technology, etc.

We weren’t the C-Suite, but we each had influence and credibility in our own right.

So, one day, I ended up naming our area the “Zone of the Women of Badassery”. They loved it so much, it stuck.

I had (and still have) such a great sense of respect and admiration for each of the women, because of their unique gifts, talents and strengths and what they each uniquely brought to the table. I’ll forever look back at that season with great joy.