Last weekend, my husband and I attended our daughter’s dance recital along with her grandparents and little brother.  This recital is not a small production… Over 2000 people attend and experience the culmination of a year’s worth of work in dance.


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Our daughter, aka “Madame President”, just completed her third year of dance, so we were excited to see her perform on the big stage again. However, there were two other groups that had an especially profound impact.

The first group of dancers made their way to the stage from behind the curtain, but as one of the little girls looked out and saw the crowd, she immediately panicked. You could see the dreaded deer-in-headlights look on her face, as she ran back behind the curtain before the dance started. The audience tried to encourage her to come back out, but she refused.

The tiny dancer panicked and my heart broke for her (and her family).

Meanwhile, the girl’s dance partner remained on stage. When it came time for the partner dance, a split-second of doubt cross the little girl’s face. You could hear the audience hold their breath as we all waited to see how the dancer would respond. Would she panic, or would she continue to dance?

She kept dancing, and the crowd ROARED with applause.

Later on in the performance, another group of tiny dancers came out… As the group shuffled onto the stage, one of the girls tripped and fell down. Once again, you could hear the audience hold their breath and wait for her response.

Would she feel the pain of the fall, and let it rob her of this beautiful experience, or would she get back up and keep dancing? Ultimately, the choice was hers. It took her a little bit of time to regain her composure, but she eased back into the dance. Once again, the audience erupted in cheers. (Oh, I’m not crying, you’re crying!)

In the midst of this beautiful auditorium, I was reminded how dance creates resilience in us as young women.

Resilience comes not just from time invested in showing up to rehearsals, practicing positions and technique, or mastering the choreography. Resilience comes from facing your fear(s). It is found in the fall, because ONLY YOU can choose to stay down, or get back up, and keep moving forward. Getting up may not always look graceful, but you gain strength from the inside out when you CHOOSE TO RISE.

Lessons in resilience are not just reserved for dance; they apply to your Corporate career too. The ability to recover quickly from a struggling project or assignment, or your ability to show up and put your best foot forward, despite the circumstances, often speaks louder than words to your peers, your boss, and other influencers in your company. I’ve had my fair share of challenges in my career, both in the very early days as a staff auditor to my current leadership position, but what I have learned is that by demonstrating resilience to yourself and others, your personal credibility and personal brand increases… leading to new, exciting opportunities.

So, when the challenging times come (and they do), how will YOU respond?

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